A web design company near me Asks: Why do I need web hosting?

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Questions about web hosting come up very often in our business. What is web. hosting? Why do I need it? How do I get it? The short answer to these questions is, you must have web hosting.  You can’t have a website live and accessible on the Internet without the website being hosted on a server.  Hosting is the only way to have your website available to anyone on the Internet. Don’t let phrases like “My website is saved in the cloud, so I”m ok” be confusing. There is no cloud!!  Every website is on a physical server, a very powerful computer, not in the cloud but in physical space somewhere. When considering a web hosting service, you should know what web hosting is, and know what web hosting is not.  There are also some things to consider when looking for a web hosting service.

A web design company near me answers the question: What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that you will pay for that will rent space on a server somewhere in the world. Once the website is hosted, anyone in the world will be able to access that website. Without hosting your website, no one will be able to access your website.

What web hosting is not:

Web hosting is not the same as buying a domain name. When you buy your domain name you are just purchasing the name of your website so no one else can have it.  Theoretically, you could buy a million domain names and not have any website, or need web hosting.

Web hosting is not just building a website. You can build a website by yourself on your computer, or even have a professionally designed and developed website. Then you have a website, but no one in the world can access that website until it is hosted somewhere.

Theoretically, you could host the website on your own, but web hosting is not really practical to do on your own home computer.  It is possible, but not practical. You would need a powerful computer with lots of RAM and a fast processor. You would also need Linux or Windows as an operating system, and of course, the technical skills to run the server. You also need to know how to do backups, install anti-malware software and troubleshoot technical issues.  It is worth the monthly rent to have peace of mind knowing that experts are behind the scenes.

What to expect from a web hosting service

When you host your website with a company, expect that there will be a charge.  You are renting space on their server to have your website accessible to anyone on the internet.  They will usually charge you monthly rent.

You should also expect regular updates to plug-ins and malware software. You can also reasonably expect that the service will  test your site for vulnerabilities, create backups, and regularly scan for malware threats.


Ask a web design company near me about cheap web hosting and you will get a warning: Be careful that you don’t buy a web hosting plan that is too expensive. You may be seduced into buying a more expensive plan. More expensive plans are for very large websites or lots of e-commerce. If you have a small business, and don’t get thousands of contacts per day through your website, you are probably fine with a less expensive plan.

The other side of the coin is very, very cheap hosting sites.  There are hosting sites advertising for one cent per year.  Does that sound too good to be true? It probably is. We have many clients who switched over from their cheap hosting and now host with us because their website was hosted on one of  the cheap hosting services. When they were on these cheap hosting sites, they found out that often thousands of websites are crammed onto one server. 

If clients had their website hacked or had other issues, they couldn’t get a hold of anyone to help them. One recent client switched over to our hosting because their website address said “not secure”, which was a message that did not give website users a sense of confidence and security in their business. We switched them over to our server, installed the SSL certificate and now everything is great!

Hopefully this article will help guide your decision on where to host your website.  As all all-inclusive web design company near me like 212 Creative, LLC you may be interested to know that we also offer hosting at 212 Creative, LLC.  Check out our plans here.

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