Ask a web design agency near me: How to protect against malware

Looking for a web design agency near me? Check out 212 creative and find knowledgeable staff that can help protect you against malware.  Let’s see what our old friend Uncle URL has to say about malware:

Hello everyone! It’s your old pal Uncle URL. When it comes to life, I am a winner. But sometimes, just sometimes, when it comes to technology stuff, I am not a winner, I’m a wiener. Sometimes I don’t know things that everyone around me just seems to know and understand. I hate that feeling, and I’m guessing you may have had that feeling yourself once or twice in your life. So I am here to ask the questions for you, so you don’t feel silly asking them yourself. Today’s question is about blue jeans and a nice t-shirt, maybe from a concert you saw in the 90’s. That’s what I would wear to the mall, maybe a tank top if it was really hot. That is what I would call mall wear. But no, in the techy world, malware is something way different. Heck , it’s even spelled differently.

What is malware

Malware is actually software, or computer code. The word Malware is actually a mashup of the words Malicious and Software. It’s sole purpose is to try to get into your computer or internet network to create damage. Malware is an umbrella term, like fast food. There are lots of types of fast food, like burgers, hotdogs, pizza, fries and so on, but collectively they are all known as fast food. Just like fast food, there are lots of types of malware. These include fun phrases like Trojan horses, computer viruses, spyware, adware, and ransomware. What about casual wear or evening wear? That’s when I would wear my tuxedo t-shirt with my overalls. Yes, I am classy, and I love to party.

How do I get Malware

Well, the answer to that is pretty easy. The internet. Anytime you are connected to the internet, maybe browsing, maybe just opening up emails…that’s when malware gets into your system.

How would I know if I got infected with Malware

Knowing if your computer or network is infected with malware is kind of like asking how do you know you have the flu. You can’t see the virus that is causing the flu, but you sure feel the symptoms. Some of the common systems of being infected with malware include:

  • Your computer will slow way down. It may seem like it takes forever to boot up or load a program.
  • Lots of ads will mysteriously start popping up on your computer. Sometimes this is called adware, because advertisements will pop up on your screen. Whatever you do, don’t click on these. Like, ever. That is like inviting a vampire into your home. They can’t come in if you don’t invite them, so don’t click and invite them in.
  • If your computer locks up, or crashes, or just shows a blank screen.
  • If your homepage changes without your permission.
  • Ransom ware. There is something called ransomware that is particularly a PITA. This b.s. software actually tells you that it has infected your computer, and has access to your data, and won’t return control to you until you pay a ransom.

Ask a web design agency near me: How do I protect myself against malware?

Any web design agency near me that’s worth it’s salt can tell you that you can protect yourself a lot against malware with three easy steps:

  1. Purchase and install a reputable anti- malware program.
  2. Have the program run a scan and eliminate any malware on your computer
  3. When your computer is clean, change all of your passwords. No two should be alike. My password for everything used to be nothingyoucansaycantakemeawayfrommyUrl. Now I use a random string of numbers, letters and symbols and change them up with some frequency.

That’s about it when it comes to malware. The bad guys will continue to find ways into your computer and get your personal information, and the good guys will continue to update their anti-malware programs and fight back! Until next time, this is your Uncle URL signing off. I want to go the mall, but now I’m not sure what to wear!

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