Looking for a SEO Company near me that can answer the question: Why should I do SEO?

If you are looking for a SEO company near me to create an impactful SEO campaign for your company, 212 Creative is one of the fastest growing SEO companies in Troy, Michigan.  We know the answer to the question: “Why should I do SEO in the first place?”  We all know that SEO is making your website easier to find during a web search for your product or service. But why, you may ask, do I need to invest money in an SEO campaign? I have a beautiful website just loaded with wonderful products and services. People will just be waiting everyday to find my website! Well, there might be a little more to that story…

Some facts

Did you know that, according the the World Economic Forum, there are currently over 1.7 billion websites in the world, and that number is growing every day?  So how do you rise above the noise?  Ok, you decide to do a blog.  You think “That will get me noticed!”  Did you know that recent numbers are showing that there are 7.5 million blog articles posted every day!  That breaks down to 4,800 blog posts every minute, of every day, 24 hours a day, every day.  Yikes!  But don’t despair!  Websites that blog consistently tend to get twice as many visitors as websites that don’t have an active blog. If you are looking for a SEO company near me like 212 Creative, LLC, they would know that and would suggest you blog regularly, and be able to help you with that!

I would argue that you don’t need to invest in an SEO campaign. That makes it sound like SEO is a one-off, get to a destination and you’re done kind of a deal. It’s not. We suggest that you make SEO just part of your ongoing, regular budget for marketing/advertising budget. It’s that important. Here’s a story to illustrate that point.

A Story

Besides the facts and figures, there is another side to why SEO is so important.  My explanation has to do with this tree. During the pandemic in 2020, I was driving around one day with no one else around. It was late spring, so when I passed an empty parking lot, I noticed this beautiful tree, it’s branches heavy with perfumed blossoms, growing on a traffic island. There was no one around, the lot was empty, as were the several other parking lots in the surrounding area. I was the only one in sight, and here was this beautiful tree, just waiting for someone to come by and admire.

Your website, without SEO, is a lot like this tree. You can make it look beautiful, you can have the latest graphics and incorporate the most exotic functionality, but at the end of the day, you want people to come visit your website. It almost doesn’t matter how pretty it looks, or how modern your website is, if no one is coming by to see it, it’s like getting all dressed up for a date, then sitting by yourself, in the dark watching Netflix and cold popcorn. Ok, that might be a little much, but you get the idea.

Search Engine Optimization helps people know your website is there. SEO makes it easy for people to find you in internet searches. An ongoing SEO campaign might include making your website faster, linking your website to other websites with authority in your field, or even creating and posting new, original content to your website. A side note about content:  your rankings will go up if you are posting useful, authentic content from which your customers can actually get some practical insights.  Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, give your unique insights and be helpful.

It is always wise to remember that SEO takes time, and steady effort. Imagine for a moment that your website is like the tree in the story, and you want people to find this tree. Maybe you put some fliers out by the road, or even a sign pointing to the tree. Some people might go looking for it and find it. But after a while, the wind takes the sign down, and the fliers blow away. People remember there was a beautiful tree around here somewhere, but don’t remember how to find it exactly. SEO keeps your website viable, out there, easy to find and ready to show up on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) every time someone is looking for your business.

We don’t see Search Engine Optimization as a cost. It is an investment into you, your business and your website. You have spent so much time, effort and money into building all of this. Your business, your website needs to be found by the world. You worked too hard for it not to be found. This is why you need to do SEO.

Looking for a SEO company near me?  Check out 212 Creative, LLC.  We can help with all of this! We are SEO experts! Call us, let’s begin!

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