Learning to be creative: Creating Possibilities

Learning to be creative is a set of skills that can be defined, learned, practiced and refined.  This article focuses on one of those skills of being creative:  learning to create possibilities.

A new way of thinking

In the western world, we have been trained to believe, for thousands of years, that all problems have one best solution.  We apply logic and use reason to conjure the one best answer that represents truth.  The truth is, however, that there is rarely one best answer to anything in our complex, interconnected world.  The truth? Problems are rarely solved with linear thinking.  There is rarely only one solution to a problem. And. Without having multiple solutions to choose from, to move between and to morph to as situations change, your business will feel stagnant.  

Instead of “One Solution” thinking, perhaps a more recommended way in this cutthroat, speed-of-light world marketplace that sometimes doesn’t make any cents, we need to find new ways of thinking to survive, and to thrive.  We need to develop a way of thinking that doesn’t give us just one right answer every time.  We need possibilities.

Possibilities. Multiple options, Numerous solutions.  Various paths. However you want to comprehend the notion, it is about having and being able to create a mental bouquet of ideas made up of thoughts of every possible hue and texture, size and variegation.  At 212 Creative L.L.C. we help every client create possibilities for their business.  Whether it’s unique branding, marketing or website application development, we give our all to each client

Find it, then break it!

One way to try this out in your own life is to examine your personal patterns, habits, routines and rituals. All human beings are creatures of habit. It’s a survival mechanism that helps us make sense of our world. But to keep our minds flexible, used to change and ready to create possibilities, we have to be constantly vigilant of the mental ruts our thinking will get us into, and to be willing, in fun, playful ways, to keep out of the ruts and stay flexible.  It’s like mental yoga.  If I only did a  King Pigeon Pose on very rare occasions and never did yoga in-between, let me tell you, I would hurt something important.  So think of little exercises like the one below as mental yoga.  Do a little bit everyday, and when you really need to King Pigeon Pose it out, you will be able to do so.

A little exercise to keep your brain flexible

First, find your patterns. Then, break them.  

Ways to break routines:

  1. Do you always brush your teeth with your right hand? Mix it up for a bit, and start with your toothbrush in your left hand.  
  2. When you get up out of chair and start walking, most people take the first step with their dominant foot. Try to start with your non-dominant foot for a day.
  3. Take a look at your cell phone.  Have all of those app icons been in the same position for months or years?  Move them around, put them in a different position on the page, or even on a different page.  Notice how it feels when you look down the first couple of times and the icon has moved.  Learn to enjoy that feeling of change, of newness.  Lean into it, smile at the feeling when you meet it. That feeling can be a great friend.

So we need to be wary of problems that seem to have a single solution.  We have been trained to stop thinking as soon as a solution has presented itself.  It may very well be the best solution, but you owe it to yourself, your clients and your business to generate possibilities before deciding on a course of action.  

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