How to create facebook posts for business

How to create Facebook posts for business. Creating social media posts can be a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. Once you start posting, you may come across another obstacle:  What do I post next?  You can’t keep posting the same thing week after week and expect your clients to come back.  Don’t sweat it!  We have done some homework for you, and have created a list of 212 Creative’s 17 top ideas for creating engaging social media posts!  This article is full of ideas that you can use instantly to help you learn how to create posts for business, keep your social media posts fresh and engaging, bring your clients back to read more, and to get your company’s name out there in the world. Here are 17 ideas for you to create Facebook posts for your business. Enjoy!

1. Stories!

We learn and remember best from stories. Stories put a picture in our mind and help the reader be a part of your narrative.  Stories are easy to remember. They don’t have to be long or very detailed. They can be about personal or business life.  They don’t all have to have a deep, philosophical message. They can just be for fun, or even be educational. 

2. Pictures

Put in lots of pictures that capture the essence of the culture you have or are trying to create.  Social media is an important window into your company.  

  • If you want to project an image of teamwork, post pictures of your team with a caption of positive work that has been accomplished.  
  • If you want to project ongoing learning, post pictures of team members presenting, sharing, running a meeting or attending a conference. 
  • If service to others is a value that is part of your company’s mission, post pictures with captions of team members helping out in the community. 
  • If fun and community are important to your image, post pictures of groups of people having fun at lunch together, helping each other out at work, smiling at their jobs.

3. Think out loud

Think of an interesting or emotionally charged experience you have had, write it down as if you are telling someone about it.  Maybe the experience was your first sale, or how you felt trying something new for the first time (like posting on social media!)

Once you share the experience, take some time and write a sentence or two about your reflection on the experience. What did you learn, what insights did you have.  Being self reflective is how we grow as people, and you can help your customers grow by sharing that experience.

4. New products

Is there a new product you want to showcase? Perhaps you have a favorite product, or a story about how a product helped solve a problem or helped someone.  Post about it!

5. Pull the curtain back and post!

This is the best!  People love to look behind the curtain and see the wizard.  Show them photos or videos from the plant floor.  Show them how the sausage gets made! They will have a new-found respect for all the work that you put in to deliver the finished product to them.

6. Share memes

Instead of constant promotions and serious stuff, post something fun or funny once in a while. You can create your own, or find one that made you chuckle and repost. Here’s one I recently created.  I took a stacking doll we had, put it on my deck, shot a picture and added some text. The whole thing took five minutes.  

7. Ask your audience a question

People can’t seem to resist answering a question. An engaging question can create cognitive dissonance in the mind–an itch that can only be scratched by answering the question. 

I like to think of questions I would actually ask if I really would like to know someone better. Here are two questions from some of our recent social media posts:

  1. My favorite comedy movie of all time is___________
  1. If I could go back in time, I would give my younger self this advice:________________

Your readers will leave their responses in the comment section of the post.

You may be surprised at the amount of activity these kinds of posts generate!

8. Post a selfie

Posting a selfie of you, or you with other members of your team, can really make your company feel more humanized.  You can post a selfie of you having fun at work, or handing out an awad, or just being at your desk.  Perhaps a selfie with the CEO? A sentence or two explaining the selfie is always good.

9. Share random thoughts

I think it’s easy to over-think social media. If you are learning how to create posts for business remember, they don’t have to be quotes written by professional copywriters or photographs done in a studio. Posts can just be you and your thoughts. Here’s what I suggest. Find a way to record your thoughts when they occur. Perhaps put them on a voice memo on your phone, or carry around compact notebook and pen. We are idea machines. When a thought hits you, be it novel, profound, funny or random, write it down! Then, make it into a meme with a plain color background and post it! Here is an example.

It’s not Shakespeare, but it comes from my heart!

10. Customer testimonials

Customer reviews act as something called “Social proof”. Social proof is when people, just like you and me, trust and believe the opinions of others so much that we copy their actions. Fully 90% of people look for social proof before they visit a business or purchase a product. In a recent study, 84% of participants trusted online reviews as much as a recommendation from a trusted friend.

If you have great reviews, post them!

11. Post about an upcoming event

If you have something going on at your place of work, such as an open house, make sure to post the upcoming event to build anticipation! Events could include such things as:

  • Open houses
  • Other live events
  • Product releases
  • Opening of a new branch
  • A community service outreach that needs volunteers

Let your followers know about all of the great work you are doing!

12. Top three!

Share information about you, your team, your products or your company in a numbered list. There is something magic about a post with the title “Top Three reasons why clients love our company!”  I like to keep my imagination open when looking at annual reports or data about the company to see what pops out at me that could be an interesting top three (or top ten!) numbered list post about my place of work.

13.  Case studies

Everyone in business has similar issues. You will make a connection with your readers when you share a case study.  We follow the format  of C.A.R. which stands for Crisis, Action , and Resolution.  You write out what the problem (Crisis) was.  You describe what Action you took, then report out the Resolution of the Crisis. How did it end up?  You don’t always have to write up only the successes. Even if something doesn’t work out, the resolution of that case study is what you learned, and how you will improve from it.  

14. Brag a little about awards or accomplishments 

If you, your team or your company has received an award or met a milestone, celebrate it by posting about it!  Adding a picture of the award, or the team responsible always makes the post more relatable.

15. Talk about a charity or community outreach

If your team or company does any charitable work or gets involved in community outreach, post pictures about what you are doing, and how that has helped the greater community.

16. Share inspiring quotes

I am always amazed how much people love a good quote.  You don’t have to be a sage and come up with original quotes.  Keep an eye out on Facebook, or Instagram to see what quotes are out there, and repost. 

17. Post pictures or video of your product in use in the real world!

While posting a photo or video of a manufacturing machine may be exciting, even more exciting might be posting about the end use of the product.  Does the foam you make end up in a car seat or dashboard?  Post a picture about your product being put to use in the real world

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