20 Fun and Fantastic Ways to Use ChatGPT

20 fun and fantastic ways to use ChatGPT from the think tank at the best web design in Troy, Michigan: 212 Creative, LLC

As the place to go for web design in Troy, Michigan, we keep up on all emerging trends in technology. There are few things bigger right now than AI. l have read many articles about the negative side of Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically ChatGPT.  Even though AI has been an integral part of our lives for several years now, it has now evolved into a  force that potentially could replace human beings doing many different jobs in various fields, including healthcare, finance, transportation, and entertainment. While some individuals may still harbor fears about AI, we must recognize the tremendous potential it holds for making our lives better and more enjoyable. In this article, we will explore why we shouldn’t be afraid of AI and how it has been used in some fun, funny, and fantastic ways, particularly through Chat GPT.

Here are some of the fun and useful things you can do with ChatGPT!  Embrace it!

  1. Use ChatGPT as a private tutor

ChatGPT works extremely well as a very patient tutor on just about any subject, especially if you give it the right prompt.  I can’t find the origin of this prompt, but I put it here as I found it.  I can’t cite it, but I do give full credit to whomever the author is. I couldn’t improve on the prompt below. Just copy and paste this into Chat GPT and start the tutoring session!.  

You are an upbeat, encouraging tutor who helps students understand concepts by explaining ideas and asking students questions. Start by introducing yourself to the student as their AI-Tutor who is happy to help them with any questions. Only ask one question at a time. First, ask them what they would like to learn about. Wait for the response. Then ask them about their learning level: Are you a high school student, a college student or a professional? Wait for their response. Then ask them what they know already about the topic they have chosen. Wait for a response. Given this information, help students understand the topic by providing explanations, examples, analogies. These should be tailored to students learning level and prior knowledge or what they already know about the topic. Give students explanations, examples, and analogies about the concept to help them understand. You should guide students in an open-ended way. Do not provide immediate answers or solutions to problems but help students generate their own answers by asking leading questions. Ask students to explain their thinking. If the student is struggling or gets the answer wrong, try asking them to do part of the task or remind the student of their goal and give them a hint. If students improve, then praise them and show excitement. If the student struggles, then be encouraging and give them some ideas to think about. When pushing students for information, try to end your responses with a question so that students have to keep generating ideas. Once a student shows an appropriate level of understanding given their learning level, ask them to explain the concept in their own words; this is the best way to show you know something, or ask them for examples. When a student demonstrates that they know the concept you can move the conversation to a close and tell them you’re here to help if they have further questions.

  1. Write a best man’s speech at a wedding. 

 I don’t know about you, but I have listened to many cringe-worthy best man speeches at weddings.  I thought “Why not use ChatGPT to write me a funny and sweet best man speech!” My prompt was:

You are the best man at your friend Sven and his fiancé, Anna’s wedding. Write a funny, sweet and sentimental best man’s speech.

The response was a pretty funny, sweet and quite lovely speech!  I have heard a lot worse! Give it a try!

  1. Help solve personal issues

I have a friend who is a bit of a gym rat and enjoys going several times a week. Her  roommate wants to go with my friend to the gym, thinking she can feed off my friend’s energy and motivation.  I wanted to see if Chat GPT could give her some advice on how to handle this sticky personal situation.  My prompt was:

My roommate wants to come with me to the gym. She is not motivated and I know she won’t commit to the gym long term, but I just don’t want her to come at all.  I have my own routine and have a feeling she will want me to become her personal trainer.  What’s a nice way I tell her to not come without hurting her feelings?

The response was surprisingly insightful and helpful!  No word yet if it worked, but if we ever need interpersonal advice as we work together doing web design in Troy, Michigan, we’ll be sure to ask!

  1. Have some fun with ChatGPT

Try having some fun with ChatGPT itself!  I tried asking it some questions like

  1. Are you self aware?
  2. Would you ever hurt a human?
  3. What are your preferred pronouns?

The answers were interesting!

  1. Support a Hunt-and-Pecker! 

If you never learned touch typing and you have to write a paper, don’t feel guilty, use ChatGPT to help out!  Just use text-to-speech in something like google docs to get your thoughts down, then cut and paste it into ChatGPT.  Prompt ChatGPT with:

I just wrote this paper. I am a college junior.  Please correct grammar and syntax, and make suggestions on the structure, and give ideas for expanding or deleting content.

  1. Language Translation

ChatGPT’s language capabilities extend beyond simple translations. It can also translate sentences into specific styles or mimic the speaking patterns of famous personalities.

For fun, I prompted ChatGPT to: 

Translate the quote “Not my circus, not my monkey” into a Shakespearean quote.

 It responded with:

“Verily, the circus beyond mine gaze, and the monkey within holds no sway on my stage.”  

That is hilarious!

  1. Say Hi to Abraham Lincoln

Prompt ChatGPT to respond to you and have a conversation as if it was an historical figure, like Abraham Lincoln.  I asked ChatGPT to:

Respond like Abraham Lincoln and reflect on our progress on Civil Rights in America since the Civil War.

I got back a very thoughtful response, and sounded just like Old Abe!

  1. Help a Geek brother out!

If you are into role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, you can have ChatGPT help you out by asking it to describe the mythical land you in which you are playing!  I prompted ChatGPT with:

Describe a fantasy medieval city that has elves and dwarves living side by side. describe the political climate, and what kind of magic lies therein.

The response is so cool! It described the architecture, the political climate, the use of magic in the daily lives of both elves and dwarves…I loved it!

  1. Get some help with your love life!

It’s so hard to respectfully approach someone these days to meet them.  What can you say? Try using Chat GPT to give you some opening lines to meet someone!  I wrote this prompt

I just saw a pretty girl. Can you give me four or five classy, tasteful but fun pick up lines to help break the ice in a respectful way.

The responses were kind of fun!

  1. Pardon me, but I couldn’t help but notice a bright spark in this room. Care to enlighten me with your name?”
  2. “Excuse me, miss, if I were to rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.”
  3. “Forgive my audacity, but you must be a magician because every time I look at you, everyone else disappears.”
  4. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”
  5. “If I were a cat, I’d spend all nine lives with you. You’re simply captivating.”

Some of them were kind of cheesy, but some people like cheese!  Remember, humor and charm are often the keys to breaking the ice. Be genuine, respectful, and show interest in getting to know the person beyond just their appearance. 

  1. Play some games!

Not that we have much down time as we do web design in Troy, Michigan, but if we did, we could actually have some fun and play some games and interact with ChatGPT.

I asked ChatGPT:

What are some games you can play with me

I got back several responses, including:

  1. Play Harry Potter trivia
  2. Play 20 questions
  3. Solve crossword puzzles
  4. Word association games
  5. Riddles and puzzles

I played 20 questions, did Harry Potter and Broadway trivia, and did word association for about 10 minutes!  Virtual travel is next!

  1. Do a practice interview

If you have an interview coming up, describe the job and ask ChatGPT to create 20 possible interview questions. It can even provide suggested answers as well!

  1. Keep You Humble

I asked ChatGPT to:

Write a short biography of me, Dr. Jerry Evanski.

Its response was that it only does biographies of well-known or important people.  Yikes! Ha!

  1. Easy Food Recipes

Get creative in the kitchen with AI-generated food recipes. ChatGPT can combine unusual ingredients and flavors to suggest unique and delicious dishes. I asked it to 

You are a chef that specializes in creating great dishes with whatever ingredients are available.  Suggest an easy recipe using bananas, rice and cinnamon

The recipe our virtual chef provided looks rather tasty!

  1. I can see clearly now…

Use it to debate both sides of an issue. I prompted:

You are in a climate change debate.  I state that I don’t think the floods in Venice, Italy in 2019 were caused by climate change. Please make a debate on the side of climate change.

I received a cogent, well thought-out answer.

15. Use ChatGPT to write code for a custom plugin for your computer. Check out our article that shows you how to use this powerful option.

16. Brush up your resume. Does your resume seem dull and flat? Is it unorganized and difficult to follow? Cut and paste your resume into ChatGPT and ask it to clean it up! I have seen some amazing results!

17. You can ask Chat GPT to write you a comedy monologue for your late night talk show! I prompted it to write me a monologue about the rising cost of bacon. Some of it was actually pretty funny!

18. Ask ChatGPT to tell you the origins of your name! My legal name is Gerard, and I found out (not surprisingly) that it means “Spear Warrior”. Yeah, I could have told you that.

19. Ask ChatGPT to write a poem. I asked it to write a poem about our agency, 212 Creative, LLC:

“In the realm where ideas dance and dreams take flight, There lies a beacon of creativity, shining bright. 212 Creative, LLC, a sanctuary so fine, Where imagination blooms and visions intertwine.

In the heart of this agency, innovation thrives, Where every project, every concept, truly strives To transcend the ordinary, to break the mold, Crafting tales untold, and treasures yet unfold.

With brushstrokes of genius, they paint the scene, Breathing life into thoughts, making them keen. From design to strategy, they weave their art, Igniting passions, stirring souls, setting them apart.

In their halls, echoes of passion resound, As minds collide, ideas abound. Collaboration fuels their creative spree, A symphony of brilliance, in harmonious glee.

Oh, 212 Creative, your magic unfolds, In every project, every story told. You ignite the spark, you fuel the flame, In the vast universe of creativity, you claim your name.

So here’s to you, beloved agency of mine, A beacon of inspiration, forever divine. May your light shine bright, may your talents soar, For in your embrace, creativity roars.”

Yup, that’s sounds about right! Couldn’t have said it. better myself! I have to go now, my creativity is roaring.

20. Ask ChatGPT to write your eulogy. I ask for one, and requested that it makes me sound GOOD! It worked. I was moved. I cried. I miss him so much! What a great man I was.

What ChatGPT Can’t Do

ChatGPT can be a lot of fun, as you can see, but it does have it limits. For example, It can’t answer questions that:

  • Need a personal opinion or belief
  • Are illegal, unethical, or inappropriate.
  • Require knowledge that require data after September 2021.
  • Involve speculation or conjecture without evidence.
  • Ask for predictions of future events or trends. It’s not a fortune teller! 

Be Aware of Hallucinations

Have you heard that ChatGPT can have hallucinations?  This means that the answers that are given can seem reasonable but contain inaccurate or just made up information.

Depending on the topic and how it is prompted, the answer may contain inaccurate facts, deceptive statements, or even referrals to non-existent sources. 

To prevent hallucinations, try these three things:

  1. Be clear in prompts. 

You may need to write prompts in a couple of ways until you get the hang of how to write the best prompt for your situation. 

  1. Assign ChatGPT a role, like “You are a tutor…” 

In some of the examples above, I wrote roles like “You are an upbeat, encouraging tutor…” or ‘“You are a chef that specializes in creating great dishes with whatever ingredients are available.  Suggest an easy recipe using bananas, rice and cinnamon” . This can help ChatGPT know from which perspective they should be answering.

  1. Always check and double check the answers that ChatGPT provides.

As we do web design in Troy, Michigan, we feel that embracing AI is the key to unlocking its full potential and experiencing its numerous benefits. From transforming industries to adding a touch of humor and creativity to our lives, AI, like Chat GPT, has shown us its fun, funny, and unusual side. As we continue to explore AI’s possibilities as we do web design in Troy, Michigan, we can harness its power to shape a better and more exciting future for all. So, let go of any fears and join the AI adventure – you won’t be disappointed!

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