Top 8 Reasons to have a professional build your ecommerce site. (with a great animation)!

With our years of expertise, you’ll save some money, a lot of time, and get a Beautiful Website built to drive sales.

If you have used any one of the many do-it-yourself website builders, you already know that there is a lot that goes into building a website. If you are looking into starting from scratch, let us save you some time and money. Ecommerce websites require some extra insight into how to turn visitors into customers. 212 Creative has decades of experience, we know what it takes to build an optimized and beautiful website that drives sales and is easy to use.

We give ecommerce businesses the confidence to focus on their business while we manage their website. This is how it’s done:

1. Time

Many of the DIY website builders offer you a seemingly quick and easy way of getting an ecommerce platform. A large problem is the lack of personalization options. You must choose from a variety of cookie-cutter options to build your website from. If you truly want to stand out from the rest, you will have to spend extra time learning WordPress, or even hiring a company to come in and make it look and work better.

We have the skills, the tools and the know how to build a professional ecommerce website efficiently. Our team is made up of specialists who work together with you to design, build, and optimize your website. The 212 Creative team draws on each other’s expertise to bring your vision to life, this saves you the time and headache of learning as you go.

2. Responsive design

According to a report by Pew Research in 2022, smartphones have become a top way to shop online. Roughly three-quarters of U.S. adults (76%) say they buy things online using a smartphone. On the other hand, (69%) say they make purchases via desktop or laptop computers. This means that your online storefront needs to have excellent mobile optimization, while still maintaining relevance on desktop and laptop devices.

This is one way a professional ecommerce website really delivers. Our team knows how to make your website look great on all device sizes, delivering a user-friendly experience that encourages sales.

3. Combining CRO and UX

As ecommerce experts, we know CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and UX (user experience) come together to enhance the online shopping experience. While CRO focuses on optimizing the conversion funnel and improving the likelihood of visitors taking desired action, a streamlined and intuitive UX enhances customer satisfaction, streamlines navigation, and fosters trust, ultimately driving higher sales. We do this by designing a seamless customer service experience which includes intuitive browsing, easy checkout processes, and stand-out product presentation.

Integrating both CRO and UX requires a background in understanding user behavior, at 212 Creative we have decades of experience and a strong portfolio of ecommerce projects. We know how to bring color, copy, movement, and imagery together to achieve higher conversion rates and build stronger audience relationships.

4. Ensure brand cohesion

Your brand steers your marketing efforts in the right direction. When you hire 212 Creative, we ensure that your brand identity comes through in your ecommerce storefront. Brand cohesion  brings power to your omnichannel strategy by ensuring that you are reaching your target audience, maximizing sales, and creating referrals and retention.

When your message is clear on all platforms, your potential and returning customers know what to expect from your storefront. We ensure that your ecommerce experiences drive that message by utilizing your brand to its fullest potential.

5. Faster load speeds

Website Builder Expert reports that when a website takes more than one second to load, it reduces customer satisfaction by 16%. You know this to be true, how long are you willing to wait for a website to load? What about navigating from page to page? We know that long load speeds can cause customers to abandon sales altogether. How do you ensure fast load speeds?

We do it all the time. There are a number of design and content choices you can make that can lead to optimal load speeds. As the lead graphic designer, I actually spend a lot of time compressing and resizing images to reduce their file size, without compromising on their overall integrity. At the same time our developers are reducing the number of HTTP requests and implementing GZIP Compression, ensuring things are sorted out on the back-end. In the end you have a well sorted fast-loading site that your customers will love!

6. SEO implementation

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, ensures your online store appears higher in search results. This encourages site traffic and increases sales. Growing your presence organically, rather than using paid ads builds trust in the legitimacy of your brand, giving you competitive advantage.

Slow load speeds, improper site structure, and poorly managed inventory can hinder success  with SEO. Having a professionally built ecommerce site, we build out your site with SEO best practices in mind.  That way, whether you choose to add a blog, or run an SEO campaign, you’re already set up for success! To learn more about our SEO work, Go Here!

7. Back-ups and check-ins

Do you live in fear of your website crashing? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guy you can call if it does? We do that! Check out our combined design and hosting plans. First, we build you a beautiful website, then we keep plugins and software current and secure from cyber attacks. This keeps the business flowing.

Suppose you run into issues while updating inventory or managing posts, we also maintain back-ups in the event mistakes occur. Does the idea of managing your website seem a bit daunting? We walk you through the process with guided tutorials, which are recorded for future reference. Still having issues? We are just a phone call or email away.

8. Save you money

Ultimately the most important question is, how will a professional ecommerce site save you money? 

While you may be able to get started for a very low monthly fee, you will find that you are provided tools inadequate for the job. Looking to add ecommerce features to your website? There’s an upcharge for that. Need to add your brand’s colors and fonts? There’s an upcharge for that. Looking to enhance SEO on your site? You’ll need to pay extra. Don’t love all those ads all over your website? You’ll have to pay to get them off. What about payment gateway? Well, you’ll have to go elsewhere for that.

212 Creative will build you a professional ecommerce website, with all the features you need, while being up-front about the cost.

In conclusion, entrusting the creation of your e-commerce site to 212 Creative ensures not only cost and time savings but also a professional ecommerce website built for sales generation. Our team is ready for your project. So if you are looking to apply responsive design, CRO, and UX integration, to provide a tailored experience that resonates with customers across devices. We will ensure brand cohesion, and set your up for success in SEO implementation and ongoing omnichannel marketing. This investment is worth it. We guarantee a professional collaboration, and will work to provide a robust online presence that drives revenue and fosters long-term success.

Are you ready to discuss your upcoming project?