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If you are looking for an SEO company near me to improve your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and rank higher in Google searches, check out 212 Creative, LLC. We are one of the fastest growing SEO companies in Michigan. We have found that regularly writing original content is essential to raise SERP results. Let’s look at a case study to show how we implemented the strategy of regular blog writing for a recent SEO project for Dr. Alexis Abramson. Dr. Abramson, PhD is the global authority on Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Gen G and the Boomer consumer. She is an inspiring speaker, blogger, corporate consultant, successful author, and award-winning entrepreneur. She has been featured in national magazine publications such as TIME, People and Forbes, and also in newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal. She has appeared often on television networks including CNN, CBS, FOX, MSNBC as a expert gerontologist. She has won numerous awards for her journalism including an Emmy and Gracie. She’s kind of a big deal.

She is a consultant and a nationally sought-after speaker. She sought us out because she wanted more traffic to her website to promote her services as an expert in generational marketing, and knew we could deliver results. When she thought of a SEO company near me, she thought of us and gave us a call.

SEO Company Near Me:  Our SEO process

For any SEO process, we start off by gathering as much data as possible. If we didn’t do any kind of analysis and just jumped in and started recommending strategies, that would be like a doctor not doing an examination before diagnosing the condition. Here is our rule:

Diagnose before Prescribing

We have to get detailed data to know where there are things we can do right away (we call this “low-hanging fruit”) to get more immediate results, and what are strategies we can implement for long-term growth. We did an analysis of her website, like checking her the time it took for her website to load using tools like GTmetrix. Did you know that in 2023, the average load speed for a website on a desktop is 2.3 seconds? We are so used to fast load speeds these days that anything slower than that and website visitors just click off the website.

We realized there were some things we could right away that would help her get more traffic.  We cleaned up her NAPW, started working on backlinks and citations, and did some of the techy stuff like meta tags, optimization of robots.txt and site speed optimization.

We immediately saw positive results. However, when thinking about SEO, we know it is a marathon race, not a sprint.  We started an aggressive campaign of putting original content on her site, for the purpose of long-term, sustainable results.

To accomplish this, we knew we had to have original content regularly posted to her website. Using more sophisticated tools like Ahrefs, we did an deep dive into keywords, checking for the KD (Keyword Difficulty) and Volume to map out a strategy for which words would give us the leverage we needed to give her the boost in her SEO for which we were looking.  We also conducted an analysis of her closest competitors to get data for a long-term SEO campaign.

Using this data, we created a publishing schedule which included publishing dates, focus keywords and even suggested titles for an aggressive publishing campaign. We recommended creating and posting at least one article, 1,500-2000+ words in length, every other week.  These articles would be saturated with the keywords our research which indicated had the lowest keyword difficulty, but garnered the most traffic.

The results of all of this effort paid off great dividends in a relatively short period of time.  In a six-month period, we had an increase in new users, number of sessions and page views that we were very excited about.  The amount of users of the site went up an astonishing 85.95%. Perhaps the best thing about that number is 85.79% of those users were new users to the site.  That is great evidence that our SEO efforts, including regularly, useful, expert content writing with great keyword density, translated to getting new users into our marketing funnel.

This story has a happy ending, and the biggest reason for this is the good content that we added to the site.  In today’s marketplace, it doesn’t matter in the long run if you are posting article after article, one or two every other day. What matters isn’t the quantity of content, it is most definitely the quality.

Move From Information to Insight

When writing blog articles for SEO, it is not enough anymore to just write informational articles.  When the internet was new, there were some companies that posted every single day.  That is not considered best practice anymore.  With the advent of AI, it would be relatively easy to have ChatGPT or some other tool to crank out an informational article everyday. Google wants to see articles that are authentic and contain useful information to the readers. This is accomplished by leveraging the things that humans can do that AI can’t.  What we have is insight and experience. AI pulls from a vast data base of knowledge that we can’t compete with.  But AI has never been in the trenches, dealing with actual clients, solving problems, being innovative and creative. As an SEO company near me, this is what we recommend when writing articles. Don’t be afraid to be human. Tell your stories, give your opinion, your hard-earned experience, all for the end goal of being helpful to the reader.

In addition to moving from information to insight and telling about our human experiences, our process for writing great articles is simple. We first look at the list of keywords that we created through careful analysis, to see what potential clients are looking for in a SERP.  Then we ask a series of questions to help us focus on the content of the article. The overarching goal is to make the content useful to the client.

These are three of the most important questions we ask ourselves to keep us focused on client quality in an article.

Does the content of the article:

  • Teach the reader new, timely, relevant information?
  • Answer a question that the reader has?
  • Help the reader make better choices about the product for which he/she is searching?

If any or all of the answers to these questions is yes, then we are on the right track.  That’s where we start. We have to then keep in mind that the article adds to the overall credibility and authority of the website and the vendor.  We don’t write fluff articles and keep checking our word count to make sure that we are getting at least 500 words, or whatever the latest metric says we should hit.  We write articles that matter, that have meat on the bones, that go into depth into a subject.  Looking at word count alone is like asking a teacher how many pages an assignment for class has to be for a good grade. What matters is human insight and experience, relevance, credibility and practicality. If those are our measurements for a good article, and we try to meet those standards, the article will naturally be as long as it needs to be.

At 212 Creative, LLC, we bring everything to the party.  We don’t hold back. Every skill, talent, ability and tool that we have goes into helping our clients succeed.  if you are looking for an SEO company near me, call us, let’s begin!

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