Serra Spring

Brand Building | Graphic Design

The Challenge

A very motivated, confident and intrepid business owner contacted us one day to rebrand her business.  She was the proprietor of a spring manufacturing company, and she was interested in a total rebuild of her website, her logo and entire brand. In addition, she requested some graphic design work and some promotional materials, including a video about her manufacturing company and process.  We were more than happy to oblige.  We scrimmaged all of our players and started working on a game plan.


Our Solution

Our graphics team started working on the logo redesign.  The customer wanted something clean, simple, but modern and visually appealing, using the colors in her new branding palate, especially the blue and red hues.  The graphics team also started researching and writing a promotional video that would be prominently displayed on her new website.


Our best designer and developer started meeting with the client to determine which parts, if any, of the old website could be retained, and what needed to have a complete redesign. Before too long, they had approval on the design, and set to work developing the actual website. 

Website Home Page

the Results

We are so pleased to report that the client was extremely pleased with the entire rebranding package.  The new logo was just what she was looking for, and the website met and exceeded all of her expectations for a functional website with excellent UX and UI, with a great contemporary look. The video looks remarkable, and is a highlight of the homepage.  We are delighted to announce that we have recently rebranded again, as the website and company gained so much attention that our intrepid U.S. based client is now partnered with another company in Switzerland.