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The Challenge

We received a call from all the way from across the country from the owner of a small chain of new and classic video game stores.  He needed an updated web design, and a custom inventory to keep track of the thousands of games across several stores.  He saw from  our website that we are web design experts and that we had experience in e commerce web design, so we did what we do best–we got to work!

Our Solution

After dialogue with the customer we could tell he was not just the owner, but a real fan of classic video games.  We added that to our design, and then started to build a custom inventory plugin from the ground up!

Website Home Page

reset games web design

The Results

The inventory works perfectly. Any employee at any store can let any customer know what is available, how many of each item is available, and at what location, etc.  

The theme we designed for the website using the classic video game imagery was a big hit with the customer and with the clients as well!  Another satisfied customer with another custom WordPress website!!