Lessons in a nutshell

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The Challenge

A unique opportunity and great idea were presented for this project.  The client was an octogenarian (entreupreneurial spirit does not have an age limit).  She had so much wisdom and life experience to share, she wanted to give other an opportunity to share their life lessons as well. She envisioned a website where people could upload recordings of  themselves sharing the wisdom they have learned over their lives.  This idea presented some design opportunities that we were so excited about, including desigining the UX of creating a profile and easily uploading videos to be easy and intuitive, so easy in fact that even to our non-tech friendly clients could navigate effortlessly, along with a UI that easily allowed visitors to find and view the videos they were looking for quickly and comfortably.   


Our Solution

We designed a branding package that included logo, color palatte and font pairings.  We used Vimeo to upload and view videos, and created a custom plug in for clients to create a profile and to upload and share their recorded acumen and knowledge easily.

Website Home Page

The Results

Our client’s entrepreneurial spirit was quite fulfilled as clients, videos, wisdom and visitors began flooding the site.  Everything worked perfectly, and the wisdom of a generation is being saved for the ages.