Website Design

The Challenge

We were contacted by the wonderful owner of Jacar-mirosystems.  He is a very savvy business owner, uses professionally produced videos to great effects on his website and has long-range plans for his business.  He was entering into a business agreement with an international firm, and he wanted to update his website to look modern, and to highlight the ties with his international partners. 


Our Solution

This was right up our alley! The first thing we did actually was to move him over to our hosting server.  HIs site did not have an SSL certificate installed, and we handled that easily through our web hosting.  Then we looked at his branding and overall design and set to work making a modern design with improved UX and UI.  We also collaborated closely with the owner to find ways to include his new international partners into the design.

Website Home Page

The Results

The website speaks for itself.  The final design is contemporary, with a plethora of media, products and services that can be easily accessed by the user.  The international partners are a seamless part of the design, and most importantly, the client is thrilled with the result.