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The Challenge

I always wondered where rich people stay on vacation.  They can’t stay at a regular hotel or rent a house from airbnb.  And what if they wanted to rent a super luxiourious property that was private, in beautiful locals all over the country, and vetted for confidentiality and security? They just might go to our wonderful clients at goluxoy.com.  They specialize in high-end, short-term rentals all over the world. They needed a website that looked opulant and upscale, and could accomodate customers looking for properties valued from $2M to over $40M, and could be easily updated as new proprties became available. Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to get started!

Our Solution

We always spend a great deal of time with the customer talking about design, but we took a little bit extra time with this project. The look of the website, the way the properties were displayed, the UX and UI had to be easy, fun and seamless. 

Our team got to work and created a beautiful website that met all of those requirements.   

Website Home Page

the Results

We were very pleased with the final product, as was the client. It had the look and feel of luxury, with an ease of use for the customers that was admirable.    

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