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The Challenge

A long-time client and collaborator, Dr. Alexis Abramson, came to us with a visionary idea for a new website. As an internationally-known speaker, author, and expert in Generational Marketing, she has her fingers on the pulse of  new trends as they emerged worldwide. One trend she had been watching closely was a phenomenon known as Forest Bathing, or Shinrin-Yoku in Japanese.  Forest Bathing is a process of reconnecting with nature by taking walks with a trained guide through nature areas.  Numerous positive mental and physical health benefits have been documented for Forest Bathing Walks. Dr. Abramson had an idea for a website that would be a hub for resources, guides, certification courses, guided walks and communication for the global Forest Bathing community, with roots in almost every country in the world.

Our Solution

A lofty goal, and we were, of course, up for the challenge. We rolled up our sleeves, gathered our entire team around us, and got to work. After weeks of exhilarating dialogue, brainstorming, challenging assumptions and creative problem solving, we had a plan, a design, and a functioning workflow to get this enormous job out of our clients head and manifested into the real world. We created a logo and design, color palette and font for the brand. We also created several custom plugins for novel aspects of this particular project, including the ability for guides to create accounts, find and list walks all over the world, create walks, signup and pay for walk experiences directly from the website, and much more. All of that took time, effort and expertise, but with the expertise of our team and the constant communication with the client, we soon launched this wonderful new website into the world.

Website Home Page

the Results

The website made an immediate positive impact on the worldwide Forest Bathing community, and Dr. Abremson’s site is everything she wanted, and more! It continues to grow and expand, connecting people in countries around the world.