Dr. Alexis Abramson

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The Challenge

Several years ago, one of the most well-know, influential entrepreneurs we have had the pleasure of working with as a client came into the office and wanted a website for her speaking and consulting business. Her main area of expertise was generational marketing, and she was a sought-after speaker, consultant, media personality and spokesperson.  She needed a website that would be able to handle a wide-ranging and authroatative blogs, countess videos of her on talk shows, giving speeches and conducting seminars.  The website needed to be a gateway for referrals and social media, as well as a repository for client list, case studies, and Dr. Abramson’s prolific production of books.   

Our Solution

We mobilized the entire design and development team, and had numerous meetings with Dr. Abramson to discuss her needs, and her vision for this project. Slowly, a blueprint emerged for what was to become alexisabramson.com.  We found a flow that was logical and easy for any visitor to the website to follow, whether they were interested in having Dr. Abramson speak on their talk show or conduct a seminar, or there to read from the voluminous and comprehensive blogs.

Website Home Page

the Results

Once the design was approved, our developers worked non-stop to bring this website out of the ether and into the real world.  The result is a beautiful website that met all of the clients needs and is stylish as well as functional.  We could not be more pleased with the results, and Dr. Abramson continues to be a client of ours, designing and building several other websites with us over the years.