D & M Tree Service

Custom Development | Marketing & SEO | Website Design

The Challenge

D & M Tree service is a family-owned and operated business in a little town in rural mid-Michigan. They came to us because they wanted to increase the traffic to their website to get more business. They knew that once potential customers got to know them and the high-quality work they produced, along with their excellent customer service, they would become a D& M customer.  They just needed to get the customers to visit their website.  They came to us because they had heard that we knew how to do this, and do this well.  We excitedly began to outline what would become a successful, robust SEO plan for their company. In addition to the SEO, this project included website design and a custom WordPress plugin for calculating delivery charges based on distance.

Our Solution

At first, it was a leap of faith. They had heard about the great job we do, but weren’t sure about the technical aspects of the SEO process. They also weren’t sure if SEO would work for a small company in a small town. We assured them that our skills in SEO would work for them as well!  Throughout the planning stages, we took our time and explained the importance of the GMB listing, keywords, backlinks, and all of the fun things that go on for an impactful SEO campaign.

The first thing we do is go for what we call the “low-hanging fruit”. Looking at their GMB listing and their keywords, there were some things we knew we could do to get some immediate results. We continued to go deeper, doing research on keywords for which we could optimize their business. 

Google Business Listing

Website Homepage

the Results

The client was thrilled, and has continued to this day working with us as a regular customer. They are now ranking in the top three spots for over 15 key words for organic search. Their CTR and percentages of new users continue to climb each month. The graph here shows just the latest month’s increase in traffic and long-term, we can do a lot more. They have been a loyal SEO client of ours for years. We have increased their website traffic, phone calls and client based many times over. Since beginning our work with this company, they have started SEO projects with us for two of their other companies.

Oh, and the website?   ….Well the website design was just what the client was looking for and the custom WorPress plugin we created worked beautifully. We integrated the Google Places API to calculate delivery charges based on distance.