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The Challenge

Desert Golf Cars is a Golf Cart dealer in Arizona, with two locations, one in Sun City  and the other in Youngtown, Arizona.  When it comes to golf carts, they are a one-stop dealer. They sell new and pre-owned golf carts for personal or commercial/industrial. They even sell fleets of golf carts for golf courses and industries.  They are proud of the fact that they are the only certified Yamaha Golf Cart dealer in Arizona.  Their business was good, but they wanted to make it great.  Most people shop for golf carts locally, within a few mile radius of their home, just like buying a car.  They came to us looking for SEO help, so when people near their two dealerships were searching on the internet for golf carts, their company, Desert Golf Cars, would come up on the first page of the search results.  


Our Solution

We took a two-pronged approach to this interesting challenge.  We  knew we needed to focus on local, organic searches to take advantage of customers within driving distance. This meant we had to work on their Google My Business listing, and optimize local searches for certain high performing keywords and phrases.

 We also needed to pay attention to the website to capture customers, such as those buying golf car fleets or commercial/industrial clients, that may not be local.

 We gathered our team and went to work.  We did all of our usual magic with the Google My Business listing, and made sure that everything for their company was precise and exact in all of the directories. Another team member dove into researching keywords for the business listing as well as the website. They were looking for keywords that had a high search volume every month, but the keyword difficulty was relatively low.We  ended up optimizing for six key words for their website, and a total of 16 keywords for their business listing. 

Website Home Page

the Results

The results were dramatic. Within a very short time, the keywords on the website all moved up by at least double the ranking, some even more. For example, the key word phrase Used golf carts for sale  originally showed up ranked 143 in a search.  After our SEO efforts, that particular keyword moved to 9th position, and continues to climb.

We are also pleased with the performance of our efforts on the business listing. 10 of the 15 keyword phrases moved to 1, 2 or 3rd place on the SERP., and results continue to climb. The first month of our campaign, there was a 21.92% increase in the amount of organic traffic to the website.  Six months later, there continued to be gains, with the amount of new users rising f19.68% from the previous month.  The owners know that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. They had set their budget to include SEO as a regular part of their marketing strategy. As a result of their long-term commitment, their results continue to grow, months after our initial campaign launch. 

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