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The Challenge

This client was a delight, and a new challenge.  She was a very popular Tik Tok star, and had millions of followers. She wanted to expand her reach and have a website that was connected with her Tik Tok account and her Amazon Affiliate account.  She wanted the ability to easily post videos from tik tok and other sources, and to create and post blog articles that could be linked to her Tik Tok account and would have products that automatically linked to her Amazon Affiliate account.  


Our Solution

We pride ourselves that we are one of the best web design companies in Michigan, so we were up to all of these challenges. She was cutting edge and trendy, so her website had to be as well.  Our graphic artists developed a web design that was beautiful as well as contemporary.

Our web developer experts are very experienced with all forms of social media, so the Tik Tok connections went seamlessly. The Amazon Affiliate links worked to perfection, and at the handoff, we conducted a very thorough tutoring session and recorded it for future reference. This way, the client can create and post her own blog posts at will, although we have unparalleled customer service, and are always just a phone call away should she need assistance.

Website Home Page

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The Results

Our satisfied client now has a beautiful new website that is fully functional and looks beautiful as well.  We love the color palette on this site. It was so satisfying bringing a new business into the world!