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The Challenge

We were so excited when we got the call from this client. She was one of our favorite kinds of clients! A first time entrepreneur!  She came to us looking for a web design for her brand-new company.  We could hear the excitment in her voice and see it in her eyes.  We tried to match her enthusiasm with our best web design services.  She needed a new website, one that had a contemporary look and design, with excellent UX and UI, and she need it quickly!  We pulled the team together, burned the midnight oil and got to work!


Our Solution

The client did have a logo, so the team used that as a starting place for a color palate and fonts pairings.  We had long dialogues with the client to help her focus and determine her services, her audience, and her story.  

We created or licensed images that matched her brand, and the look and feel of her web design.  The client was very helpful and gave us content in a timely manner, which allowed us to launch her new website in a short amount of time.

Website Home Page

The Results

Our brand-new entrepeneur client was elated with at the results.  Her new website has a great contemporary look and feel, with great UX and UI.  Since she is one of our Cloud Care Complete customers, she has come to us with edits and updates that are part of her plan, which we were happy to do!